Feather Kit Game development framework for C++

Feather Kit is a lightweight, open source framework for game development in C++. The goal of this library is to cover all basic needs of a typical game and hence speed up and ease development. Its design is modular and consists of several independent modules.

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Easy to use

The modules are designed with usability and practicality in mind. The API is straightforward and easy to get into by following the tutorials.


Feather Kit has few mandatory dependencies. This makes it particularly easy to set up and use on multiple platforms.

Cross platform

Build your games for Window, Mac and Linux. Planned support for mobile devices such as Android, iPhone and the Pandora.

Open source

Released under a permissive licence which lets you use it in both free and commercial projects. The source code is also freely available.

Web deployable

Emscripten natively supported to easily make your games playable online in a web browser.